kn95 mask, can they be reused?

kn95 mask, can they be reused?

THE KN95 mask is personal mask equipment meant to protect an individual from the airborne disease. Structurally, it is built carefully to fit the face from the nose area to the chin. The KN95 mask is made out of hydrophobic polypropylene, a material made out of polymers that dissolve quickly on the water without interfering with the chemical composition of the material and due to this, it is very efficient in filtering out dust, virus, bacteria, and smoke compared to the other mask types. Its name KN95 is derived from blockage ability to these substances, which, after being tested from a laboratory, turned out 95%. Despite it being safer than other masks, still, it does not filter the virus and bacteria completely; hence there are still risks of infection to death in the case of a disease.


The manufacturers of KN95 recommend the mask to be used one time only, after which it is carefully taken off and put in a plastic bag for disposal. However, in case of shortages of these masks, the mask can be re-used under the below-listed conditions; Check Hoy Como Ayer for KN95 masks for sale.

If the structural and component performance; it is recommended that the user always read the user seal manual before wearing the mask to be in knowledge of the fundamental recommendation and checklist of the mask. If the mask is still in a perfect condition, it is still reusable and will ensure the air inhaled is healthy still.

The duration of wearing the mask; The KN95 mask should be worn for a span of up to eight hours after it is disposed of carefully followed by a hygienic hand wash. This is due to the inefficiency of this mask filtering off the unwanted substances completely and environmental exposure.

cleaning method;

It is recommended that an individual owns up to five KN95 masks for them to re-use them as clinically proven. This should not involve any use of soap water, alcohol, and disinfectants, bleach, acids, boiling, or microwave heating, which can cause fire due to the power setting on the device. To properly clean, one has to dry heat strictly on a 70oC, which in turn kills the virus, and the filter components are preserved for re-usage. After this, you can use the mask to up to two times, and no negative health effect will be experienced. Moist humidity can also be used to clean these masks at 600C to 700C.

Storage of the mask;

After cleaning, the KN95 mask should be stored hygienically, making sure that the masks are not in contact with each other and that they are fully dry. This is to ensure that no fluids transferred from the mask to each other. In the case of the recent COVID-19 epidemic, these viruses lose their effectiveness after 72 hours; hence if the masks are carefully separated, the risk of contraction is low. There should be less soiling of the mask to avoid virus contamination, and so it is advised that a face shield should be worn on top of the KN95 mask to decrease soiling. The masks are to be put in a clean, breathable bag after they dry up.

Strictly though, it is clinically advised that this mask should not be shared with any person. A formal test should be done every time an individual acquires a new KN95 mask to assess the material of the mask, user manual, and facial fitness of the mask.

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