Is KN95 mask Safe?

Is KN95 mask Safe?

Are you worried about contracting airborne conditions, including Covid-19? Indeed, you cannot afford to compromise your health by not taking the necessary precautions. It is in this light that we take a look at the KN95 masks. One of the biggest questions people will ask is about their safety. How safe is the KN95? Is it worth your money? Let’s find out.

The basics

The KN95 masks are Chinese products, which could be a source of concern for many people. However, studies indicate that they are safe. According to manufacturer 3M, these masks are similar to America’s N95 ones. You could also liken them to Europe’s FFP2 and Japan’s DS.

Usually, the KN95 masks will comfortably at least 95% of particles that are 0.3 microns or even larger. With this rate, you will be confident of keeping the coronavirus novel at bay.

Did you know that CDC enlisted KN95 as a suitable alternative to the N95? These two options pride themselves in very small, as well as uninteresting differences. Their similarities are more than you can imagine.

The KN95 comes with a filter performance that is reasonably akin to that of the latter. Well, you could attribute this to the remarkable flow rates that the mask features. In most cases, it will assure you of an inhalation resistance flow rate of between 40 and 160L/min. On the other hand, the exhalation resistance rate ranges from approximately 30 to 95L/min.

Further, this mask prides itself on an average leakage of less than 8%. While at it, its carbon dioxide clearance requirement is less than 1%. Its maximum pressure drop is below 250Pa, which is remarkable.

How do you know that it is safe

More than often, approval by the necessary regulatory bodies, including CDC and the FDA, will give you insights into how reliable the masks are. For that reason, you will have to verify whether they have the right certification or not. It would be valuable to trust certified ones only.

Additionally, it will be necessary for you to consider testing the air inside the mask. You will also need to confirm whether there are any defects with the mask. One of the best ways to test the reliability of this mask will be by using a lighter. Once you put on the mask, hold the lighter at least six inches away and try to extinguish it by blowing. As long as you cannot put it out, you will be confident of its safety.

You will also need to confirm whether the mask fits. Here, you will carry out both the negative and positive pressure check. During a negative pressure check, you will place your hands over the mask and inhale deeply. If there are any air leaks around your eyes or face, it would be ideal for you to adjust the straps. For a positive pressure check, you will have to repeat the process, only that you will be exhaling.

Indeed, your health matters a lot, and taking all the necessary precautions is valuable. By confirming and observing the insights above, you will be good to go.

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